Meet Jay Kendrick

Hometown: Grant, Alabama
Hobbies: Coaching little league football, tinkering with fishing tackle
Favorite Lure: soft plastic swimbaits
Favorite Technique: sight fishing
Favorite Lakes: Lake Weiss, Alabama and Santee Cooper, South Carolina
Raised by a “fishing family” in Rome, Georgia, I started fishing at three or four years old. I spent many hours with my
dad, grandfather and uncle in a boat or on a creek bank. I guess I was a pretty typical kid growing up in the south
except……………from a very young age I wanted to be a professional fisherman. When I was in second grade my
teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. A fireman, a race car driver, a doctor some said. I said a
fisherman. Some kids laughed, my teacher most likely did too. Little did they know……with hard work and
dedication….. DREAMS do come true.
I had a PLAN and that’s where it all began. In grade school, I competed in every tournament that would allow a
youngster in. After graduation, I attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I needed a career outside of the
fishing world that I could afford to fish and still have the time off to pursue my dream. I graduated from UAB in 1992
with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. I worked at UAB hospital in the Intensive care unit for four years. I competed in as
many tournaments as I had time to fish, becoming quite competitive on any lake on the Coosa River. In 1992, I also
married my best friend and high school sweetheart, Cindy. I met her on a boat dock at Lake Weiss eight years prior
and if there’s anything such as love at first sight, that was it! After four years at UAB Hospital, I decided to go on to
anesthesia school. That was at University of Tennessee. Talk about a house divided………..anesthesia school was no
joke. It was tough, sleeping with a text book, up all hours of the day and night, and reading hours upon hours. Hands
down it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Not the book work, but having to give up my fishing for those years.
Anyway, I made it through that gauntlet and graduated with honors from UT.
Now I was poised to chase my DREAM!
I’ve been practicing anesthesia for 18 years. It’s a great profession and I really like to think that my contribution helps
others. In 2004, my firstborn, Camden, joined our family, with my son Bailey joining our family in 2007. My boys are
100% behind me and their support and love is unconditional – win, lose or draw. During these 18 years, I have
competed in the FLW Tour, FLW Costa Series Events, BASS Tour, BASS Opens, BFL Events, Fishers of Men, local
club events, and many other tournament trails. In 2003, I qualified to fish the BASS Bassmaster Classic. This same
year, I qualified to compete in the Inaugural BASS Elite Series events. In 2015, I qualified and fished the 2016 FLW
Tour and Forrest Wood Cup. In 2017, I was honored to receive the Forrest L Wood Sportsmanship and Community
Leadership Award.
• 2019 FLW Tour Qualifier
• 2018 FLW Tour Qualifier
• 2017 Forrest L Wood Sportsmanship and Community Leadership Award
• 2016 FLW Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier
• 2015 Rayovac CHAMPION – Lake Guntersville
• 2015 Fishers of Men National Championship – 15th place finish
• 2014 Fishers of Men Points CHAMPION – North AL Region
• Inaugural Bassmaster Elite Series Qualifier
• 2003 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier