Alex Davis

Born in Virginia I got the fishing bug at an early age from my dad. Most trout fishing until my teenage years where I then developed a passion for bass fishing. We moved as a family to Lake Guntersville in 2004 so I could pursue my dream as a professional angler. I started a guide business and began fishing local tournaments. My big break came winning the Everstart on Guntersville. This was my break where I got to fish the FLW Tour. 2022 will be my 9th year fishing professionally.

I guide on Guntersville and Smith Lake. Contact info 256-298-1178 or

I use Boatlogix because of their durability. Traveling around the country, fishing some of the biggest waters and conditions you can imagine the last thing you want is anything breaking. Boatlogix mounts can endure the most brutal conditions a bass boat can encounter and the mounts never move an inch. I have confidence in my equipment and that’s huge knowing you only have to worry about catching fish.– Alex Davis

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