Braxton Setzer

MLF Pro Circuit
Braxton is an MLF Pro Circuit angler who grew up in Alabama and still lives there with his wife and son. He began fishing at a young age and continued through college where he was one of the founding members of the UAB fishing team. After graduating with a degree from Auburn in Fisheries Biology, he made the leap to the professional ranks, which is where he has been since 2016. After making the move, he quickly found success with multiple top 10 finishes including a second place finish on Lake Seminole. The deep – rooted passion for the sport continues to drive him as he strives to get better every time he is on the water.

“These are the most over-engineered mounts on the market…in a goodway. Between that and the amount of adjustability, I know my graphs will stay where I put them no matter what conditions Mother Nature throws at me.”– Braxton Setzer

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