Bob Blackerby

I am Bob Blackerby, Me, my wife Cynthia and 2 boys live in Chelsea, Alabama. I have been Tournament fishing for nearly 20 years, starting out in weeknight and weekend tournaments on my home lakes here in Central Alabama. I Love the competitive nature of Fishing and fishing tournaments. Over the years I have worked my way up through the Local trails to be able to now fish with MLF and BASS. I love the people that I get to meet and have made many friends through my fishing adventures and have been very Blessed to get some Great sponsors over the years to support me with my journey.

Current Sponsors are: Title – Baitmate Fish Attractant Boatlogix Coleman Insect repellent Sting-eze Coleman First Aid Powerpole Potable Aqua Z-Man fishing Dobyns Rods Ardent reels Seaguar fishing line

I have been running the Boatlogix products on my boats for years now and have Never had an issue with them. It is obvious when you look at how the Boatlogix products are made you will see why you won’t have any issues. The Quality and craftsmanship is Amazing with these products! I run 4 Helix 12s on my ranger in the roughest water around country and they stay Rock solid mounted to the boat and don’t move! I also have recently got the Boatlogix Culling beam and it is built so good and precise that you won’t second guess a cull and it will probably last you a lifetime. – Bob Blackerby

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